"I am healthy. I am wealthy. I am rich. I am that bitch." Mantra Bracelet

This simplistic, yet stylish and rugged studio-crafted leather bracelet is designed to be a constant reminder of that message that is special specifically to you or that someone you are gifting. 


These bracelets are available in two sizes: 

Small - 3/8" wide with a 7" diameter closure. Standard woman's OS bracelet size. 

Large- 5/8" wide with an 8" diameter closure. Standard mens OS bracelet size. 

All mantra bracelets come in natural veg-tanned leather. The color will naturally patina and darken into a rich brown with time, atmosphere, and use. 

Not sure of your wrist size? It's simple, take a string, wrap it around your wrist from end to end and measure that distance on a ruler. 

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