Leather Tabletop Coasters

These leather coasters are designed, cut, dyed and finished in studio. They are packaged in sets of four.  No one set of coaster is the same.  They measure in at 4” square or in diameter. The set weighs less then 4 ounces. 


Leather is a unique natural product with many desirable characteristics. Often the hide will show traces of the animals life inclusive of bug bites, scars, wrinkles and sometimes the animals branding marks. These skin characteristics are distinctive marks that are on the leather long before it ever arrives in our studio and aren’t a reflection of a defect or failure in our craftsmanship but a signature that not only enhances their natural beauty but also creates individuality among each piece. The hallmark of a good piece of leather is the beautiful patina and richness it continues to develop with age. 

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