Luxe Leather Tabletop Coasters

Avoid the ring of shame by supplying your table with a set of leather coasters. Lightweight, durable and will age with beauty. The luxe set are two pieces of premium grade leather thick. Let Lord of the Rings be known as a great story and not what your tables are described as.

These leather coasters are designed, cut, dyed and finished in our Denver studio.

  • Two Pieces of premium grade cowhide
  • 4” square or in diameter
  • The set weighs less than 4 ounces. 
Leather is a unique natural product with many desirable characteristics. Each hide show traces of the animal's life including bug bites, scars, wrinkles and sometimes their branding mark. These distinctive marks are a part of the leather's story that begins long before it arrives in our studio. It is part of what makes each piece unique and not a defect or reflection of our craftsmanship. Instead, it is a signature that enhances the natural beauty and brings individuality to each piece. The hallmark of a good piece of leather is the beautiful patina and richness it continues to develop with age. 

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