Stingray Bracelet

A true show stopper.  Our stingray bracelet sparkles like the night sky when the light hits it just right!

Stingray leather is one of the most rugged, durable and exotic leathers on the market.

Small calcium deposits resembling glass beads are seen covering the surface of stingray hide and are incredibly resistant, and the hide itself is difficult to tear, slice and cut because of the way the fibers in the skin are aligned. Finally, because these exotic hides come from an aquatic animal, they’re water resistant.

Our Stingray Bracelets are lined, glued and sewn together with one of our most delicious oiled leathers for a soft feeling against your skin and a really clean, beautiful look on the underside of the stingray hide. 

One size fits most. 

9"Long x 2.5" at it's the widest point. Closure points are for wrists that fit comfortably between 6" to 7.75". 

Availability has a tendency to be sparse given difficulty and expense of obtaining stingray hides.

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