Made in the USA! FLIKRFIRE was born out of the desire for a simple, safe, indoor fireplace that could operate on clean-burning, inexpensive, and readily available fuel. Using a near-magical cementitious product this piece is inspired by the wabi-sabi aesthetic: simply doing what it is designed to do, accepting of flaws, and bringing natural elements and textures inside the home. When we say, “portable” we mean it: living room, porch, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, camping. We will never require the use of proprietary fuel. Rubbing alcohol is readily available in most stores, inexpensive, clean-burning, and safe to cook over. In a well-ventilated area (300sq ft or more), FLIKRFIRE won't dirty your ceiling. And heat? While emitting a cozy warmth there is no need to turn down your a/c. This makes summertime s’mores more possible than ever before!
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