About Us

Hi Tribe! I’m Jen, the founder and principle of my brand Berit Brooks.  The heart of our brand is leather. We specialize in world-class products that are designed, crafted, and distributed all directly from our Colorado-based studio. Raised in the heart of the Vail Valley, I grew to value the passion of pursuit. No matter your desire, if you wanted it badly enough and worked hard enough, you could make anything happen. The team at Berit Brooks is doing just that. 

Leather is storied, tested, and hard-wearing. It is not a material that falls apart the moment you look at it the wrong way, when done correctly. If it’s real and manufactured in an ethical and sustainable manner, the quality is immediately apparent, it is luxurious, and it quickly becomes timeless. Leather is a renewable and biodegradable resource and a $350 billion industry worldwide. We are proud to be a part of it. Our journey and workflow happen in an environment we love, surrounded by a tribe of people who believe in what we create. Our operation produces a large volume of our own branded leather goods as well as our expansion into other giftable and customizable merchandise that still requires the skill of a crafted artisan. 

We ensure that our brand ethos of conservation, sustainability, renewability, and leaving no trace is incorporated into our product line every day. We are diligent to use every ounce of each hide that we possibly can to show our appreciation to the animal that continues to give life to each of our products every single day. 

We value and appreciate each and every one of our supporters, and we can’t wait to see what this journey brings. Thanks for being a part of us. Cheers!